Gary Edwards

Influence Expert

Make Every Conversation Count

In a world of distraction, disruption and disconnection, what you say next – matters

Gary Edwards speaks in the areas of leadership, sales, communication, influence and change. He works with leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to show them how to communicate with clarity and be more influential in critical situations.

Described as “fast, funny, practical and inspiring” Gary is a motivational keynote speaker like no other, with a unique background and a compelling message.

Gary combines all of his experience and skills to provide audiences with a highly interactive, highly practical and very funny insight into the mindset and skills we need to build trusting relationships with other people and achieve outstanding results in a changing world.

  • He’s a former lawyer who has trained thousands of lawyers in winning courtroom technique.

  • He’s worked with senior judges to show them how to tell if a witness is lying.

  • He’s coached international speakers, comedians, CEOs, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to help them clarify their message and simplify their delivery.

  • He’s worked with clients including BAE Systems, Clipsal, BHPBilliton, Fujitsu Australia and ReturnToWorkSA to help them build collaborative, trust-based cultures that go beyond customer service and build true partnerships with their customers and clients.

  • And on top of all that, he’s a professional magician who uses magic to keep your audience engaged and to demonstrate the psychology of perception and decision-making that determines why our colleagues and customers act the way they do

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