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Hugo Awesome

Hugs are Awesome

Human Connection

Hugo Awesome is a 6ft4 Gorilla who gives out hugs to all that want one. He stands silently near a sign that says “Hugs are awesome. Help yourself.”

A light hearted character with depth, Hugo serves as a reminder for us humans that we should connect warm heartedly, physically, and genuinely. Hugo’s debut appearance in 2018 was a marathon effort of 194 hugs! Hugo Awesome does not spruik, nor does he decline. Hugo also understands that when we give a hug we never truly know what that means to the recipient. Hugo lets go when you let go.

Created by professional mentor Trent Blucher, Hugo Awesome challenges the current way of how we believe we are connected via social media and digital platforms. Hugo offers us a chance to engage in the basic human need and beauty of physical connection and reminds us of its importance. Be sure to hug Hugo Awesome at Wake Up Adelaide…you can have more than one!

“The energy Hugo brings to the room is awesome and he doesn’t even speak.”
- Delegate, Leadership Summit 2018

“I haven’t hugged anyone since my daughter passed away. I don’t know if I will let go”
- Delegate, Leadership Summit 2018

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