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Jodie Nevid

Rebellious Serial Entrepreneur

How To Design & Live Your Ultimate Life

Jodie believes in living life to its fullest and is passionate about helping others find their freedom in the fun lane. Renowned as one of the best facilitators in her field, Jodie will call you out on your stuff and coach you to conquer your fears so you can step up to your full potential.

As a rebellious serial entrepreneur, Jodie gets results through her creative and unconventional approach to business, leadership, and life in general! 

Inspired by her entrepreneurial grandparents Jodie’s #1 Goal has always been to be financially FREE! Free to travel the world, follow her heart and live a meaningful life in a whole-hearted and passionate way, and as a rebellious serial entrepreneur, Jodie’s spent the best part of her life doing exactly that.

Jodie works as a coach, speaker and educator traveling the world, learning from the masters, and teaching people how to live life by design not by default. Her work is described by clients as 'the wake-up call I needed' she is loved for her focus on results and her unique real, raw and profoundly relevant style.

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