Copy of John Mihilandis

John Mihailidis

Founder of Project My Profit, Self Made Millionaire and Investor

Panelist: Vulnerability, Fear & Living The Dream

In 2006 for the very first time, John Mihailidis picked up a book about investing by Warren Buffet, and read it cover to cover. By the time John finished that book he was inspired to become just like Warren and build wealth by investing in stocks so he could retire early and live financially free. In just 12 years as a self taught investor John was able to make over 4 million dollars running his own family fund.

When you meet John the first thing you notice about him is his genuine humility, and down to earth nature. John’s not a flashy millionaire that let his wealth go to his head, he’s just a guy who describes himself as an every day Aussie that's really passionate about building wealth with stocks. 

And why is John so passionate? 

Because he’s cracked the code and developed a simple formula that works. His investment strategy has stood the test of time and continued to work for him, and his family consistently for over 12 years.

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