Lachlan Mullen

Speaker and Final year student Naturopath

Gratitude. Resilience. Self-belief

Lachlan Mullen inspires people. He speaks about the challenges he experienced and how he overcame them. All the while taking his audience on a ride of the deepest lows and astounding highs. Subsequently navigated by this extraordinary young man and his incredible maturity and courage.

Lachlan began training as a Public Speaker in 2016. He felt he had a story to share. Above all, a story of gratitude, resilience, and self-belief. It’s a powerful and uplifting story of a young man who defied the odds of his cancer diagnosis. He faced his life’s challenges with an attitude from which we can all learn.

Lachlan was a healthy non-smoker of only 20 years of age. So his diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer was completely unexpected. He was told to expect an outcome that would have crushed the strongest of souls. But, Lachlan made a conscious choice to approach his circumstances and life with positivity.

Many physical and mental challenges presented themselves, all of which Lachlan faced with a positive outlook. With the uncertainty of his future, the way in which he conducted himself is an inspirational tale of the power of the mind.

Now, more than five years since Lachlan’s diagnosis, his health and wellbeing are a strong reflection of his attitude towards life.

As a well-received speaker at events and functions, Lachlan talks about his diagnosis and the effect it had on him. More importantly, he tells how he overcame it and of his gratitude for the support he received along the way.

It’s impossible to hear Lachlan speak and not come away feeling inspired. His audience regularly comments on how grateful, and positive they feel afterwards, in regards to what their own lives have in store for them.

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