Mary Palaric

Property Educator and Coach

Panelist: Vulnerability, Fear & Living The Dream

Mary’s passion is property investing to achieve wealth through creating value and harnessing leverage. 

While an unashamed property course junkie (it’s an industry that’s always changing), Mary has taken action to develop her expertise by learning from the best, applying this knowledge to renovations and subdivisions and growing her net worth. She has started her own property development and renovation businesses believing that property has room for small business entrepreneurs. As a successful leader in global companies and the government sector, Mary has applied her business skills to the property game using her expertise in project management, people management and quality.

In the last 2 years in her 50s, Mary has started 4 property businesses in Queensland and NSW and is on her way to more than doubling the earnings she used to make as an Executive. You could say Mary is the poster girl for “It’s Never Too Late”.  Mary is using creative property acquisition strategies to establish joint venture projects that will achieve over $1M profit for her investors.

Mary is now inspiring and coaching people who share her passion for property through her Property Education and Coaching Program. Mary strongly believes that with the right mindset, right systems, right tools and right network, anyone can invest in themselves and property to achieve sustainable wealth.

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