Copy of Saxon and Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Saxon and Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Personal trainers and passionate health advocates

How To Fast & Unlock The Healer Within

Both Saxon and Sinclair have both worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and during their journey have become incredibly passionate about the body's ability to heal itself. They are avid fasters and have recently completed a 40 day fast, 20 days on water and 20 days on juice. They are currently working on a feature length documentary which showcases their journey and also the stories of many who have come before them, and healed. Their mission is to educate, inspire and empower as many as possible to reclaim their health!

Sinclair is a personal trainer, cook and iridologist. With 14 years experience in the industry he has worked for a range of clientele including actor Orlando Bloom (7 years) as a personal health coach. After a sudden injury saw his promising rugby career come to an end, Sinclair has spent the last 12 years exploring the concept of healing. His journey would eventually lead him to fasting and whole plant based foods and this is where Sinclair's path began to light up. An extremely passionate health coach, his purpose in life has become one of educating and inspiring others to realise their own highest level of health, happiness and vitality.

Saxon is a personal trainer with over 7 years of experience. Working in Sydney, LA and Chicago, he has been able to learn and apply different approaches to all things health and fitness. Saxon has recently discovered a passion for a whole foods, plant based lifestyle and with that, all the healing capabilities that is can have on the body. Along with his training, he is working on furthering his knowledge of these natural healing remedies and sharing this message with as many people as he can. 

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