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Tamsin Simounds

Modern Psychology Practitioner and Leadership Strategist, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

Panelist: Vulnerability, Fear & Living The Dream

Tamsin Simounds is a certified Modern Psychology Practitioner and Leadership Strategist, helping Australasia’s top leaders achieve transformational change.

Tamsin has upended conventional wisdom about what it takes to become an impactful leader, allowing leaders to put away the rule book and lead with an open mind and courageous heart.

With a client roster that includes Flight Centre NZ, Australian Institute of Conveyancers, Harris Real Estate and Zoos South Australia, hers is a program of deep action and accountability, meticulously designed to extend clarity, self-belief and fulfilment into all areas of life.

While the rest of the world is encouraging leaders to ‘be more confident’ and unknowingly provoking self doubt, Tamsin shatters the myth that you need to be more confident and instead gives leaders the permission to focus on the innate value they bring to the table.

On top of ten years of experience in corporate leadership, Tamsin is highly trained in leadership strategy, modern psychology, and emotional intelligence. She is tertiary qualified and holds a long list of certifications including Diplomas in Modern Psychology, Management and Leadership, as well as being a Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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